AV Idea Foundry

Ruby Consultancy

Having trouble with Ruby on Rails application in production? We can help you with: Debugging, Profiling, Performance tuning, Bottlenecks, Crashing and more.


Tomas Varaneckas

The DevOps Guy

Loves automation, Linux servers, distributed systems, performance puzzles.


Viktoras Agejevas

The Engineer

Loves software architecture, functional programming, simple solutions to complex problems.

Hey there! We are Viktoras Agejevas and Tomas Varaneckas, partners and main problem solvers at AV Idea Foundry Ruby consultancy. We have been working together in various tech companies since the burst of dot com bubble. We have seen it all - startups, vast enterprises, banks, you name it.

Throughout our software engineering careers we had a chance to see technologies, paradigms and tools come and go, we have worked in diverse teams, big and small, we’ve developed, operated and scaled massive web applications, sophisticated B2B integration services and information systems.

Our passion for software engineering doesn’t end at work, we have contributed to open source, given talks, written blogs, articles and books. We have been learning new things and sharpening our skills every single day for last 15 years. We live and breathe technology!

Over last decade we have fallen in love with Ruby and it’s ecosystem, and it has remained our main focus. We believe that Ruby has a bright future ahead of it, we have fresh knowledge in building, deploying, running, automating, tuning, monitoring and troubleshooting Ruby on Rails web applications, and anything else that is written in Ruby programming language.


Ruby, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, React, Angular, Capistrano, Automation, Unicorn, Eye, Bluepill, Jenkins, Chef, Linux, MySQL, MongoDB, Resque, Sidekiq, Devise, ActiveAdmin, Debugging, Profiling, NewRelic, CloudFlare, Akamai, Git, GitHub, Hubot, Slack

Worked with in the past:
Python, Java, Scala, PHP


Tieto, Metasite, SEB Bank, Barclays Bank, Forbis, OneGo, Vinted, Shoobx, Y8, IDnet


What can we do for you (Ruby consulting)?

  • Help you remotely at following hours: 8 AM to 8 PM UTC (London time)
  • Automate your infrastructure with Chef
  • Build you a modern Ruby on Rails web application prototype
  • Set up Capistrano deployments for your Ruby applications
  • Make your deployments zero-downtime
  • Set up Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery with Jenkins for your Ruby applications
  • Find and eliminate performance bottlenecks
  • Review your infrastructure and suggest ways to simplify, optimize it, reduce cost or increase reliability
  • Set up high availability for your application
  • Suggest a caching strategy
  • Audit your application code and suggest improvements
  • Set up automated code style review on your GitHub pull requests
  • Add ChatOps with Hubot and/or Slack
  • Turn your unstable, crashing, slow Ruby web application into fast and reliable one by identifying causes and suggesting or implementing prevention mechanisms
  • Integrate modern JavaScript tooling into your Ruby on Rails asset pipeline
  • Upgrade Ruby

What we cannot do for you?

  • Implement features for your application (we are problem solvers, not hired workforce)
  • Relocate to your premises (we prefer remote work)